First Meal Delivery to our Healthcare Heroes on the Front Line

27 Mar 2020

Hello Friends and Family!\ \ We find ourselves in a crazy time. I find myself watching the news and reading articles about this COVID-19 Pandemic and all I want to do is HELP. For the majority of us we are in precarious position of WANTING to help but also being told that the way to help is by staying home and social distancing. All the while my little sister Elizabeth, an Emergency Room Nurse at Temple University Hospital, is working long shifts on the front lines caring for these patients as they flood her hospital.\ \ You have all heard the news. The heath care workers need masks, sanitizer, ventilators, etc. All things I have sold out of and I have no idea how to make a ventilator.\ \ Liz is amazing and this is what she loves to do and I am super proud of her. All I want to do is give Liz a hug and say thank you but even that is not possible… so air hugs and face-times will do for now.\ \ What little I can do is provide Liz and her fellow stars some fresh food. Fuel.. in essence to stay strong. After a long shift the last thing Liz wants to do is go food shopping and put anyone at further risk.\ \ Today I reached out to one of my local customers of mine “United by Blue” who has a café/deli as part of their Flagship store on Race Street where they offered me a discount on some sandwiches , wraps, soups and salads and the like.\ \ If you haven’t been to United by Blue, check them out, amazing food and mission! Thank you again Renee!\\ \ \ United by Blue is doing their best to stay open offering take out so they were pumped for the business and my sister Liz and her team were super pumped to get a healthy quality meal in them. (no offense to any hospital cafeteria workers).\ I sent out a snap chat of Liz today and many of you reached out to say “how can I help?” that outpouring of generosity is what made me send this email. It was a bit surreal pulling into the ER area and the organized chaos of police, EMT, nurses, but it was awesome to see Liz in her Zone and do her thing.\ \ My goal is to drop off more fresh lunches for Liz and her team in the ER. Maybe it will be one less thing they need to worry about and a way we can help. My buddy Gerald and Mikey’s little sister MaryKate is a nurse at CHOP so maybe we can get enough to send to her and her team.\ \ If anyone wants to contribute I listed my venmo below.\ Venmo\ @John-Holahan\ \ Nicole has already contributed $100… what a gal!\ \ I understand these are crazy times and you all have your own worries whether it be your own jobs, finances, don’t mention my 401k, I completely understand; but if you are able to part ways with some of those monies it would be put to good use. Whether you have some more because you haven’t driven anywhere these last few weeks and spent it on tolls or gas, or you haven’t spent it on tickets, or Starbucks, or at the local watering hole. Or maybe you found yourself with $50 extra bucks because you simply didn’t enter a March Madness pool. Send it over, we will buy the Doctors and Nurses working EXTREMELY hard some food and help in a small way we can.\ \ Again my venmo is above. I will email out a receipt for what we were able to purchase each time.\ \ Feel free to email to anyone you wish and my cell is 267 614 6793.\ \ All the best to you and yours,\ John Holahan\ \ p.s. Stay Positive\ p.p.s. Before complaining about the current predicaments let’s take a look back in history when our greatest forefather George Washington submitted recommendations to Congress in May 1783 following the Revolutionary War in which we defeated the mighty Great Britain. “It may be laid down, as a primary position, an the basis of our system, that EVERY citizen who enjoys the protections of a free government, owes not only a proportion of his property, but even of his personal services to the defense of it, and consequently that the Citizens of America from 18 to 50 years of age should be borne on the Militia Rolls, provided with uniform arms, and so for accustomed to the use of them, that the total strength of the country might be called forth at a short notice on any very interesting Emergency…”\ \ Fast forward to 2020, we as citizens of this great nation are being asked not to join the Militia, but to simply stay inside and social distance. We All play a role.