Third Meal Delivery to our Healthcare Heroes on the Front Line

01 Apr 2020

Hello Friends and Fam,

On Tuesday Night, we made our THIRD Food Delivery to some more heroes on the front line thanks to YOUR contributions! This time, we made a delivery to The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP). My friend’s Gerald and Mikey Helfrich’s sister MaryKate (MK) was working the overnight shift as a Nurse so we dropped off dinner to her and her team for their 7pm to 7am shift. This is her first of 4 straight 12 hour overnight shifts.

Some fun facts about CHOP… it is the Nation’s first hospital (1855) devoted exclusively to the care of children. It is consistently listed as on the top of US News and Report BEST Children’s Hospitals. CHOP was also awarded Magnet status. Only 6% of hospitals in the US have achieved Magnet Status. Hospitals with Magnet status are recognized worldwide as having lower mortality and morbidity rates, better patient outcomes, and a shorter length of stay. It is not easy to get a position at a Magnet Status hospital so kudos to you MK and your fellow Nurse rock stars.

COVID19 has impacted CHOP in more of a unique way. Most of the children are not getting super sick, but they are carrying the virus. As a result, the kids are coming in without symptoms and the nurses and doctors are the ones getting sick! MK’s specific unit alone has over 10 nurses out sick right now. As you can imagine, children under 5 years old have difficulty understanding social distancing let alone wearing a mask properly so one of the challenges for MK is maintaining her care level while protecting herself.

Before I continue, I have to share that this honestly started as something as simple as buying my sister and her team at the ER at Temple University Hospital lunch while helping out a local restaurant. Now, WE are buying both CHOP and Temple University Hospital Nurses lunch and dinner and we have drops scheduled for Temple and the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania later this week.

So far we have almost 100 contributors from ranging from my elementary school best friend and his entire family, parents of kids that my Mom taught 20 years ago, friends of friends, co-workers, neighbors, etc. I am very grateful for your generosity, and I appreciate each and every one of YOU for doing this.

One of Nicole’s best friends/gal pals/college roommates/BFF4L Erin, connected me with her family friend Aimee who owns Talula’s Garden, Talula’s Daily, Talula’s Table, and her newest restaurant The LOVE. If you have never been, visiting one of her restaurants is a TREAT to say the least. Check out her site go to Talula’s for special occasions, or to bring out of town guests because the food and experience is Amazing. Next time you’re in the city (yes the City… I know my New York friends on this email think I am talking about you… no the City to me is Philadelphia) (just messing.. I love NY and especially their Nurses/Docs!).

Thank you for the discounts on the meals Aimee, Paul-William, and your Talula’s Garden team. Looking forward to our next visit.

All the best to you and yours,

John Holahan\ Venmo: @John-Holahan\ 267-614-6793

(For those of you without the app Venmo you should download it; it’s a game changer for trying to split checks when we are finally allowed to go to a restaurant or contributing money for good causes! For those who want to contribute but are just tired of being told what to do, long for the good ole days before the internet, or are sentimental about your handwritten signature; we are accepting paper checks as well. my address is below).

John Holahan\ 742 N. 19th Street Unit 5\ Philadelphia PA 19130

Ps. I appreciate all of the social media shares and contributions, please include the restaurants if you post anything as they are facing trying times as well and appreciate some love. From the latest reports this could go on for a bit longer so I will continue to share updates and drop off lunches/dinners as long as we can. I don’t have any social media with the exception of SnapChat so I will depend on your expertise to get the word out on what we’re doing. Thank you and Keep it up!

PPS. Stay Positive and Stay Home: