Fourth Meal Delivery to our Healthcare Heroes on the Front Line

04 Apr 2020

Good Morning you super generous Friends and Family,

On Thursday afternoon 4-2-2020, we made our FOURTH Meal Delivery to some more Doctors, Nurses, and social workers on the Front Line.THANK YOU;all of YOUR contributions are helping to keep this going. Nicole and I made a lunch delivery to Temple Univ. Hospital Thursday afternoon. Once again, my sister Elizabeth and her team of heroes in the ER at Temple were so thankful. Tonight, we will be making our first delivery to the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, HUP. While making the drop off Thursday, it was amazing to me how everyone worked together in what looked like chaos from an outsider’s perspective, but was certainly an organized chaos with EMTs, Ambulances, Police, Social Workers, Nurses, and Doctors synchronously working to save peoples lives.

Some additional highlights, we have eclipsed the 100 contributor mark and are on our way to 200… UNBELIEVABLE! Keep on spreading the word and we will continue to deliver some healthy meals to keep these healthcare workers fueled up as they battle 12-14 hour shifts back to back to back. As COVID19 spreads and supplies dwindle, the number of healthcare workers contracting the virus has been increasing. With more and more healthcare workers getting sick, the doctors and nurses are being called in to work longer shifts and more days. Healthy meals are all the more important so we will continue this for as long as we can.

A special thank you to Erica and everyone at Tela’s Market & Kitchen for the discounts on the fabulous meals! Tela’s is located a stone throw away from us on the Corner of 19th and Fairmount Ave in Philadelphia. Erica’s fresh market is absolutely fantastic offering only local and the highest-quality foods.\ \ Also thank you to my friend Joe for creating and painting this LOVE Front line Healthcare Workers logo for our email updates! Take a look at his Instagram @sannutti by clicking the logo he created.

All the best to you and yours,

John Holahan

Venmo: @John-Holahan


(For those of you without the app Venmo I heard it is awesome; it’s a good way to transfer money without having to go out of your home which comes in handy when 96% of the country has shelter in place orders in addition to contributing money for good causes! For those who want to contribute but have drawn their line in the sand on technology: You may have caved in on email, smart phones, Facebook, Instagram, Ring security systems, and Alexa, but you’re standing your ground on not getting Venmo in a similar way to how Lt. Colonel George Custer refused to surrender in battle of Little Big Horn in a battle we know as Custer’s Last Stand; we are accepting paper checks as well. my address is below).

John Holahan\ 742 N. 19th Street Unit 5\ Philadelphia PA 19130

Ps. I appreciate all of the social media shares and contributions, please include the restaurants if you post anything as they are facing trying times as well and appreciate some love. From the latest reports this could go on for a bit longer so I will continue to share updates and drop off lunches/dinners as long as we can. I don’t have any social media with the exception of SnapChat so I will depend on your expertise to get the word out on what we’re doing. Thank you and Keep it up!

PPS. Stay Positive and Stay Home:

Franklin D. Roosevelt’s last message to the American people 1945.

“… Today we are faced with the preeminent fact that, if civilization is to survive, we must cultivate the science of human relationships– the ability of all peoples, of all kinds, to live together and work together, in the same world, at peace. Let me assure you that my hand is the steadier for the work that is to be done, that I move more firmly into the task, knowing that you– millions and millions of you– are joined with me into the resolve to make this work endure