This Weeks Meal Delivery 11, 12, 13, 14, and 15 to our Front Line Heroes

20 Apr 2020

Another great week!

FIVE meal deliveries again this week… to FIVE different hospitals (Jefferson, Lankenau, Hospital University of Pennsylvania, Einstein, and Temple)!


Snapshot of the week:

Monday 4/13: Lunch for 70 heroes was delivered to the entire Emergency Room Unit at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital.

Tuesday 4/14: Made our first lunch delivery to Lankenau Hospital. After learning a family member of an employee at Isgro Bakery worked as a nurse there, we were able to connect and spread the Love to our first hospital outside of Philadelphia.

Wednesday 4/15: Delivered dinner to Hospital of the University of Penn (HUP)for the overnight shift. The dinner was for the Nurse and her team I had referenced in my previous update who thankfully ended up testing negative for the virus and returned to work.\ \ Thursday 4/16: Delivered lunch to the Surgical Step Down unit at Einstein Hospital that was converted to a COVID19 floor.\ \ Friday 4/17: Delivered lunch to the ICU at Temple University Hospital. My sister Liz informed me that quite a number of her colleagues (who are also friends) are not able to come to work as they have tested positive for COVID19. Not only are a number out sick, but one of her nurse coworkers had to be taken to the COVID-19 Intensive Care Unit at Temple and is currently battling like so many of the patients she was caring for. My sister’s nurse/coworkers is in the ICU. She took an oath.. I get it, but, just Unreal.

Lunches on us is the least we can do!For many of us, this is what we hear on the news. This is the message I hear directly from my little sister. I am not only inspired by her, but from the generosity of all of you to continue doing what I’m doing.

This was an interesting article from The Philadelphia Inquirer covering the Nurses at Temple University Hospital:

Heroes this week:

  • Amanda, a nurse at Einstein who had been at home quarantined for 2 weeks (with her 2 children under 3 years old). Her first day back was when we delivered lunch. She texted me a photo and said, “This is all we could do; we’re coding patients left and right. I just took a bite of the salad. ONE Bite.” ~Hero!
  • Moe, Nurse at HUP, went right back to work as soon as her COVID19 test came back negative to continue fight ~Hero!
  • Miranda, Nurse at Lankenau, working with her team to treat her patients and help everyone she can. ~Hero!
  • My little sister,Liz, at Temple University Hospital. Temple has treated the largest number of COVID19 patients out of any hospital in the region. Liz also enrolled to work at the Field Hospital set up for COVID19 patients at Temple University’s Liacouras Center if this overflow center is needed in the coming weeks. ~Hero!

At every meal delivery, I am reminded of how much these front line heroes deserve fresh and healthy meals. Thank you for all YOU are doing to make this happen!

How to keep this going:

With the help from one of my best friends who happens to be a Marketing Professional (Thank you, Mike!) we’ve created an Instagram to hopefully expand our footprint outside of my immediate network to continue delivering these meals as the virus continues. Check us out at @PhillyLoveCo (I am no longer Instagram-less John) will transition to and will still be updated and the way to be added to the email distribution list to see where YOUR contributions are going.

And Finally…

As always, a special thank you to ALL of our–contributors, restaurants, and bakeries. From the discounted meals, donated desserts, letters, etc, the support has been tremendous.

\ All the best to you and yours,

John Holahan

Venmo: @John-Holahan\ Cell: 267-614-6793\\ @PhillyLoveCo

PS: An update on me. I usually get my haircut every 3/4 weeks. As a kid I went to the same barbershop my entire life. My ears stuck out far as a kid and I HATED when my hair grew over my ears so that’s how I knew it was time for a cut. Mr. Kandel had his Barbershop a few miles from my house in Richland Township and I would ride my bike there. (do kids even ride bikes anymore? I am sure there is a super cool App for bike riding) Mr. Kandel’s grandfather bought the shop in 1920 and his father ran it before him and then Mr. Kandel took it over. The barbershop had the classic red/white striped sign, old school barbershop chairs, wood paneled walls, and the aroma of talcum powder. You get the idea. Also, the old radio connected to the local firehouse was always on too as Mr. Kandel was a volunteer fireman. I’d sit in the chair and the small (definitely not flat screen or HD) TV would be on sports and we would talk about the Phillies. Remember the Phillies, they are an old Major League Baseball team in Philadelphia where guys try to hit a ball out of a park filled with crowds of fans… Oh the things we used to do before COVID19! Anyway back to the point. Mr. Kandel would cut my hair, and at the conclusion I’d pay him and he would hand me a piece of candy and away I’d go on my bike with my fresh cut. Mr. Kandel’s barbershop was the ONLY place I went to get my hairs cut for the first 19 years of my life. When I went off to college in Philadelphia I had to unfortunately find a new place to get my haircut. I went to a SuperCuts (not the same experience I was used to). Anyway…. I sit down and the lady said, “ok John what are we doing?”

I looked at her completely dumbfounded.

She asked again “what are we doing with your hair?”

I replied with utter confusion “umm… cutting it”.

She laughed in my face. Now other stylists and patrons of this comedy club they call SuperCuts are smirking at me as I am the butt of all the jokes. She says “I know.. but what style are we going for? What are we doing on the top, what number do you use on the sides?”

At this point I am absolutely squirming in the chair…”a number?”

Apparently, there were options when you get your haircut. In the first 19 years of my life I had gotten my hair cut 12-15 times a year… so that is over TWO HUNDRED haircuts. I never was once asked what number, or presented options, nonetheless. He just simply cut my hair and it was perfect…every time. He just knew…. and I think I miss that. Long story longer on my current update on me, I still hate when my hair grows over my ears. This week, I couldn’t take it anymore. I just cut my OWN hair with a beard trimmer standing in the shower without a mirror. It went as expected… I will be wearing a hat for foreseeable future. I probably should have just asked Nicole. Oh well, they say you get your Mother’s Father’s hair so thank you PopPop for this flow it will grow back. (no offense to any bald guys if this brings back memories of hair…… but it is one less thing you have to worry about during this crazy time…bald guys winning!)