Mission: Provide quality meals to fuel the Healthcare workers on the front-line battling the COVID19 virus while supporting local restaurants and businesses.

This is how it all began… on March 27, 2020 I delivered lunch to my sister Elizabeth and her team of fellow stars who work in the ER at Temple University Hospital. I simply wanted to do something.

In March of 2020 when Covid-19 “hit” us, I found myself watching the news and reading articles about the Pandemic and all I wanted to do was HELP. For the majority of us, we are in a precarious position of WANTING to help but also being told that the way to help is by staying home and social distancing. All the while my little sister Elizabeth, an Emergency Room Nurse at Temple University Hospital, was working long shifts on the front lines caring for these patients as they flood her hospital.

Liz is amazing and this is what she loves to do and I am super proud of her. All I wanted to do was give Liz a hug and say thank you but even that was not possible… .What little I could do was provide Liz and her fellow stars some fresh food. Fuel.. in essence to stay strong.

I reached out to one of my local customers, United by Blue who has a café/deli as part of their Flagship store on Race Street, where they offered me a discount on some sandwiches , wraps, soups and salads. United By Blue appreciated the business given how much their business has declined during the statewide shutdown. Additionally, and my sister Liz and her team in the ER were super pumped to get a healthy quality meal in them.

I sent out a snap chat(the only social media I have)of Liz after I dropped off the lunch, and many of my friends and and family replied, “how can I help?” That outpouring of generosity is what was the start of something greater… The support was overwhelming in an incredible way.

\ This week alone my girlfriend Nicole and I made 6 deliveries of Lunch and Dinner to 4 different hospitals with more planned for next week. With your continued support we will continue to deliver these fresh meals to help the local businesses and show these heroes on the front lines a bit of gratitude that they certainly deserve.

All the best to you and yours during these unprecedented times.

John Holahan

Venmo: @John-Holahan